The Strange Innerdweller

by Kultika

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Cherubian thumbnail
Cherubian This is a hell of a post-metal beast! If you like bands like ISIS or CULT OF LUNA look no further. Glad to find these guys. Marking Romania on my music map.
Syed Hasib
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Syed Hasib One of the best post metal albums I've heard in some time. Favorite track: Devouring Vibe.
T. K.
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T. K. What Bucky Brown said. Damn fine metal. Favorite track: Insects.
canucklehead thumbnail
canucklehead in his last breath, his voice a croak, he said one word, "kultika"
I grabbed his earphones lying on the ground, put them to my own ears. a surge of oozing, crushing sludge reached into my brain and forever changed the way I listen to music. these are the guys to carry the torch of schizophrenic post-metal forward. Favorite track: Insects.
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Bucky If you like heavy atmospheric post-metal in the vein of Cult of Luna, and like the melodic elements of Tool, and yearn for the bludgening sludgery of ISIS, then this album is for you. Favorite track: Water.
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released December 2, 2013

Artwork by Dr.Winter /
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Kultika Timișoara, Romania

Kultika is a post-metal band from Timisoara Romania consisting of Jack (vocals & guitar), Fulmineos (guitar), Inia Dinia (keyboards & vocals) Dragos (bass) and Seba (drums).A mixture between a powerful sense of intimacy and violent lamentations, the music of Kultika isn’t an attempt at groundbreaking never-before heard music – it is simply the musical expression of its members and their influence. ... more

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Track Name: Rising from the Sea
The creatures move in this ocean
Of tears and red overture

While everybody lives out of
Destruction and white eagles

Can you see the funeral?
Of your projected new order

A blackened paradise falls down
As the old final solution

Rising from the sea
Returning to the ground
A natural cycle complete
Forgotten in this ride

The fear house returns
With clapping hands and dreams
Honey, it's been a long time
Since you died on the cold floor

Rising, it's rising!
Track Name: Insects
From the stench throne
In the old roman church
Monkeys crawling one over the other
To reach that throne

The power is the factor
For total degradation
Every monkey is trying to grow

The old roman church
Started cracking out of misery
While it burns, and it burns to
Build the super human

A new race that shall not find
Greed and will for monkeys
A new human to follow
Zarathustra's own law
Track Name: Water
The blood of the mountains
Falling from the sky
The age of this grey rock
Is so old, as the life that’s passed by
The sound of distant strings
Confused, crawling from the unknown
I’ve watched from behind, as the stones turned by
Like a giant tide with a punishment mission

Mockery into their games!

From the sky the life was given
Was given to us!
Hidden gods who didn’t
Who didn’t have enough
Mockery into their games
Nonexistence – origin of understanding!

At the end of the tracks
With fear I look upon the key
Beyond this gate is there
Enough knowledge, or just a wind of illusion?
Track Name: The Strange Innerdweller
I walked one morning
In the beginning of the last of June
Of which all I could recover
Was myself in a dream
In an ancient castle
A very natural dream
With a great staircase
And a gigantic hand in armor

In the evening
I sat down
And begun to write
Without knowing

The work grew in my hands
And I grew fond of it
My hands and my fingers
Were all so wearily
I could not hold the pen anymore
To finish the sentence
Create the un-creation
Build the unseen

I am the strange inner-dweller!
Track Name: Cries of Eiram
Will your ears indulge my sob?
In this blissful moonlight prairie
I beseech you black horned god
Am I to be married?
With scarlet purls my gown
And of ash-made silk my veil
I entail my darkened vow
Unto words spoken so frail
A story of lost recollections
Being supported in unholy tongues
Construed as my final redemption
And so willingly I blacken my lungs

O desolate son of light
Thy kingdom risen in spite
Of long lost oaths
Of futile hopes
Of belligerent crowns of pride
May your name inspire fright
In the lost shadows of night
When minds are weak
When mankind sleeps
There the sin shall burn so bright

Now, the gallows of dawn
Are but gateways to unleash
A most horrible curse to be spawned
My wrath shall be released

For they know not of what
Plagues are yet to come
Spellbound is my heart
My will is to be done


And it's raining blood
And the light is lost
And the lands are vile with death

And the flame is soft
And the air shall rot
And the Dark lord shall come forth again
Track Name: Devouring Vibe
The day that stands in front of the night
Borrowing in all its principles and lust
A calling for the young spirits
Produced in the back-space of the hard alleys

The spirit shakes upon its flesh and bones
Each of us are deranged by small things
But together we walk upon a path
That leads us through midnight, in the narrowest
Of gardens

Upon its flesh and bones!

We seek for strange subliminal sensations
We measure the weight of our losses
Upon the white snow everything collapses
But again regaining powerless feelings

Make it stop the waves of conscience
The red waters push like an unforgettable vibe
But we seek for strange subliminal sensations
And leave the crows outside, to devour life

And I lay with all this hate!
Track Name: Escape into Salvation
I see and call
The moon and the soul
Imprisoned by grief
A lonely absolute

Hate we seek forever the darkness in light!

A sad part of me
Lost and torn, it still lingers
Inside it has grown
And it has become the only one
A sad part of me
Has been thrown in a river
I see my face
Suddenly, all life fades away

Suddenly, I’m awake

Blood starts flowing from the walls
I want to get out
I want this nightmare to be over
Escape into salvation!